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Heidi is an experienced Family therapist she provides a safe and supportive place for families to access support and learn the skills to be able to manage and navigate the turns life can sometime present us.


Heidi has experience supporting families during separation, after loss, during illness and hardship.

Heidi's therapeutic approach to families and extensive understanding of the systems and roles by which a family operate enable her to hold the space for your family and encourages dialogue and repair. Heidi works with the individuals in the family to improve communication, to develop a greater understanding of themselves - their own needs, how to communicate this respectfully and supports the development plan of how to manage conflict in the family, providing de-escalation techniques, supporting healthy boundaries and working to restore relationships. 

If you or your family feel like Family Therapy is something that could be of benefit but are not quite sure. Heidi is happy to have a free 15min consultation to answer any questions you may have. 

Family Therapy sessions are 

Initial $400 2hrs

Subsequent 1.5hrs $330

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