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People, Performance & Culture (Corporate Consulting).

Heidi's 10 year experience working with families, individuals and organisations in a variety of settings  enables her to offer the corporate sector a broad and unique range of skills, techniques, interventions and knowledge. Heidi's professional background is derived from Psychology and Business incorporating her 4 year Bachelor Degree of Social Work, working in Private Practice and Social Health Roles, a trained Gottman Couples therapist, an Internal Family Systems Therapist and Business Wellbeing Mentor/ Team facilitator, Mediator.


Heidi’s specialty areas include: personal/team development; team culture; start up mentoring; culture and group dynamics; corporate wellbeing development days, Mediation, onboarding and termination facilitation; EAP; stress/anxiety management; sexuality and gender counselling; discrimination and inclusion and diversity training and polices writing and review; couples counselling; infidelity/ trauma; intimacy and connection; mindfulness; and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy ACT. Heidi also provides coaching and mentoring for teams and businesses / start-ups, consulting on productivity, performance culture and staff experience and mediation. Heidi facilitates team building and cultural inclusion policies and frameworks. Heidi's unique background in psychology and business has supported and facilitated individuals/ teams and business to identify concerns and manage issues in productive, professional and ethical way.


Available for Corporate Wellbeing Development Training Days and individual Zoom sessions.



email to see how I can support you and or your business/team/organisation.

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